Just saw a 6 year old dressed better than me. Damn.


This is a bad feeling

povestea-dianei: with what font do you write the poems?:) 

Helvetica Nueue Medium Italic :)

You only come to me when your veins are racing with alcohol and your mind is clouded with loneliness.

Night 1: I guess that’s why you snuck into my bed at 3am and clung to me like I was your only source of happiness. Your drunken snores were heavy but I still felt a sense of comfort by them. After all, you thought of me while your head was a jungle.

Night 2: This time I had also been drinking the liquid that looks pure but is nothing but sin. We were in the backseat of our friends car and you were holding my hand and yelling out how much you care about me. You sent shivers throughout my liquor heated body and all I wanted to do was sit on your lap and kiss you.

Night 3: Hasn’t come yet but isn’t it funny how I know it will? I know it will because we’ve only known each other for a few months and we still have forever for a Night 3 to happen and God I can wait until it does.

I’m not sure if it makes me happy or sad that you only come to me when you’re drunk. These are things that I know you wouldn’t do with a sober mind, sober tongue, or sober hands. But maybe that’s the magic in it all? Because I know that when I’m drunk, I finally find the fucking courage to do the things that I play in my head over and over. Fuck. I just realized that, maybe the things you do to me when you’re drunk are the things that you replay in your head when you tired and sober. Now I think I’m happy.